// ABOUT //

As a young kid I visited a feature filmset, around the corner of my house in Amsterdam. From that moment I was determent to become a cameraman.

I was 8 years old when I asked my parents a camcorder from the local pawnshop as a birthday present. After spending 3 years on pre university school, I got to work for local television as camera trainee and later on cameraman. Soon I got the opportunity to become a camera assistant on commercial and film productions. As a hobby, I own a private pilote license and I love to fly off somewhere in my free days.  At work I use this experience also as aerial cinematographer. I can also operate Cineflex, Flighthead and Freefly MoVi.

In over 10 years working as First AC and Camera operator I had the honour to work with some of the best Director’s and DP’s in Holland.

That made me to what I am now, somebody who loves beautiful light and camerawork.